Oct 11th Meeting

11th October

* reinforced value of proposed inset, as one of OTP team was talking about observing staff in next round of SLT Obs cycle (as they felt unprepared to observe staff / and wanted to adopt our none judgemental approach)

* AR to approach SB regarding a dept in school wanting (!) to work with us and share some observation / professional conversations about their lessons.

* Video resource is being edited ready for INSET in Dec. and activities can now be tested / evaluated / ready for delivery. (

* Announcement finalised for Staff Briefing for Open Door policy to kick in to action (1st week back after half term).

* Feedback from OTP guru about online resources for inset – We will revise the statements used to tailor to our staff.

* team are trying to edit some videoed footage of lesson for inset video, but have found that Windows Movie Maker is not installed as present around school (AR to investigate)

* JLw found more resources concerning Vertical tutoring in school – more information needed as to quality results from this approach.

* Some resources from SSAT on Music innovations (as a specialism) for ideas / discussion points – could be general points from document applicable to all.



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