Available to Help!

We are keen to become involved in as many areas of the school as possible. As we stated in the Inset at the start of term, we are keen to help by:

– observing

– discussing difficult groups/challenges

– exploring ideas and possible innovations

This is when we are free. Please contact us directly if you think we can be of assistance:

Week 1 Week 2
1Mon3 LP1Mon4 JLW

1Tue1 LP

1Tue5 JLW

1Wed4 LP

1Thu1 JLW

1Thu4 LP

1Fri1 LP       

1Fri2 JLW, LP, AR

2Tues2 AR2Tues5 JLW, LP, AR

2Wed1 LP

2Thurs 1 AR

2Thurs 3 AR

2Fri3 LP


 We thought it might be useful to identify particular areas of expertise where we might be able to offer assistance. Please don’ t feel you need to limit yourselves to the thinks listed here. Let us know if there are particular areas/issues that you would like us to explore on your behalf.

Justin Lewis (Music) Laura Perry (MFL) Adam Robbins (English & Media)
  • Group Work
  • Performance
  • Motivating and Engaging Students
  • Stretching Gifted and Talented Students



  • Learning.
  • Group Talk.
  • Using alternative teaching spaces (ie going outdoors)
  • Use of Audio-visual material – filming and recording students
  • Maintaining control without raising your voice!


  • Blogging and using new technologies (Google Docs and Wikispaces) to share and mark work.
  • Collaborative learning through technology.
  • Use of audio-visual material in the classroom + Using Impero.
  • One-to-one tutorials with the 6th form.


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