Collated remarks from OTP INSET Evaluation– 1/12/11

  1.   Was the meeting useful in terms of self / dept. development ideas?
  • Yes as several of the dept. are keen to take it further and use it to start conversations within the dept.
  • Reinforces what we do in the English dept.
  • Yes X5
  • I found the sheet (activity) very useful to assess my own lessons as well as others, and set targets for improvement
  • Very useful and the session will allow the whole department to work together with the lesson review process
  • Your meeting was very good at prompting self-evaluation making me consider the softer aspects of lesson planning, particularly in choice of activities for engagement. As a block of scientists we felt we could have some mileage for CPD department wide
  • Very useful ideas for self and departmental development especially in  terms of filming bits of lessons and evaluating as small groups and as a larger department.

2.    Did the activities help your understanding of what ‘Outstanding’ might mean in you teams, or implications for Ofsted?


  • Much more understanding of what Ofsted are looking for, rather than agreeing what outstanding is.
  • All teams need to see the official forms so they can discuss how criteria has changed
  • The discussion between colleagues and the issues raised were very interesting
  • A few colleagues stated they had really seen the difference for the first time during this conversation
  • I have a greater understanding, but believe more training or assistance will be required
  • Yes X3
  • It did help. However, I still feel that I could do some more time spent on this as if pushed by my colleagues to describe and analyse, I would feel that I was not giving a full account
  • Partially – It was a good starting point but now time is needed to consider some of the statements in greater detail, and what they would look like in the classroom
  • To a certain extent. It seems to be more about making sure the students are seen to be learning, rather than the teacher teaching
  • Clearly explained

3.    Would you recommend the meeting to colleagues in the future?

  • Definitely
  • Absolutely – Many staff present are already ‘open’ to improving practice or on their journey. It would be good to reach other staff …
  • I feel the session could be repeated in different groups – it is clear that the challenge and engagement exercise throws up a lot of useful discussion – many subject areas are unable to move from the teacher / task based approach to the new learning styles for challenge.
  • Yes X4
  • I would try and get every member of the department to attend
  • I will ask Line manager to observe my ‘Prof Dev.’ using this model… Can I have a set of cards please?!
  • Yes – there was a good atmosphere and a general feeling of trying to help everyone
  • If the meetings were run by OTP – definitely

4.    Are there any topics linked to Outstanding Teaching, which you would like covered in a meeting (not behaviour linked)?

  • Would like to see more videos of a range of lessons / subjects that could be discussed in the positive groups that were at the last meeting.
  • Powerful when students tell us what they consider an outstanding lesson to be
  • How Q & A sessions should develop to achieve Outstanding during an Ofsted inspection
  • Giving challenge to every student in a group. How would this look and how we could plan for this without taking as long planning as delivering the lesson!
  • Engaging students who are lacking motivation

5.    Any other comments:

  • It would be a great idea to run this session again during a Learning Community…
  • … super positive start.. . I feel some more co-planning and observing may help ‘shift’ happen.
  • Final task was easy to access and really useful
  • I was hesitant about the meeting (after getting on with a long list of tasks was appealing), but I was glad I went and feel there is a whole new challenge we have to meet. Your support is the starting point of this
  • I like the model you envisage – non-judgemental would be better from a teaching and learning point of view and for morale generally
  • The new model is an excellent idea
  • Keep going – best inset for ages… felt I have learnt something and done something!

JLw  Jan ‘11



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