Inset Dec 1st TLC meeting

Thank you to the 25 people that came to this inset and also for the positive feedback. This was the first inset with both triads.

Activity 1

Watch this clip and think about visible signs of  engagement and challenge

Activity 2 Arrange these sentences into 2 groups: 1 I have seen this and 2 I would like to have seen this (leave out any irrelevent sentences)

Here are the sentences – engage and challenge activity 2 sentences

Activity 3 – to follow

Some staff comments

 “Many staff  present  are already ‘open’ to improving practice or on their journey. It would be good to reach other staff …”

“Giving challenge to every student in a group. How this would look and how we could plan for this without taking as long planning as delivering the lesson”.

“I feel this session could be repeated in different groups – it is clear that the challenge and engagement exercise throws up a lot of useful discussion – for me many subject areas unable to move from the teacher / task based approach to the new learning styles for challenge.  I think this is why learning is less compelling….”

“A few colleagues stated they had really seen the difference for the first time during this conversation”.

“Would like to see more videos of a range of lessons/subject areas that could be discussed in the positive groups that were at the last meeting”.