Nov 1st Meeting

Rewritten sentances for INSET on 14th Dec, to adapt new focus.

Called a meeting with new triad for Thurs lunch to discuss OTP with them.

Draft INSET activities to propose to new triad formed.

AR contact SB regarding new avenues (depts. Wanting OTP input)

Plan to use meeting time (once INSET is finshed) to go to outreach in school.

Link people: (from Questionnaire at INSET)

Julie Lee, Julie Parsons, Katrina Bailey, Lance Taylor, Rob Durant, John Gould, Sam Taylor, Zoe Sharpe, Claire White, Rachael Flower,  Morgie Mouat


Oct 11th Meeting

11th October

* reinforced value of proposed inset, as one of OTP team was talking about observing staff in next round of SLT Obs cycle (as they felt unprepared to observe staff / and wanted to adopt our none judgemental approach)

* AR to approach SB regarding a dept in school wanting (!) to work with us and share some observation / professional conversations about their lessons.

* Video resource is being edited ready for INSET in Dec. and activities can now be tested / evaluated / ready for delivery. (

* Announcement finalised for Staff Briefing for Open Door policy to kick in to action (1st week back after half term).

* Feedback from OTP guru about online resources for inset – We will revise the statements used to tailor to our staff.

* team are trying to edit some videoed footage of lesson for inset video, but have found that Windows Movie Maker is not installed as present around school (AR to investigate)

* JLw found more resources concerning Vertical tutoring in school – more information needed as to quality results from this approach.

* Some resources from SSAT on Music innovations (as a specialism) for ideas / discussion points – could be general points from document applicable to all.


9th Sept Meeting

We talked briefly about the flipped classroom idea. It sounds similar to a system in a school that SB mentioned visiting.

We discussed the workshop and feedback from staff.

We decided to each chose a class and a focus for experimentation. We will concentrate on that between now and half term and discuss it with each other (and if possible observe each other). We will concentrate on being particularly risky/experimental one lesson a cycle.

Next Tue Justin and I will learn to work the blog, we’ll each explain our plan to experiment with a group to each other and we will print the “Come in please!” signs


Things you would be interested in trying

  Likely Possibly No chance!
You observe us 46 22 1
We observe you 30 34  
Discus an issue/idea 48 26  
Open door 41 43 2
Advertise something happening in your classroom 21 26 6